Jour fixe im März


09. März 2016, 18:15 Uhr
Im Moore 21, Raum A210

Dina Wahba (Berlin):
Instrumentalising Women’s Rights – Between Feminism and Anti-Racism in Germany

The lack of constructive discussion regarding Cologne was not surprising; what was surprising was the use of women bodies to trigger discussion about everything else other than the welfare of women. I have been working on violence against women in different countries, and in the aftermath of every horrendous incident, women are often everyone’s last concern. North African and Arab-looking men seem to be marked and targeted. There is an entire colonial historical narrative filled with racism, hatred, fear and stigmatization regarding those “black bodies”. They are hypersexualised savages. Throughout history these narratives were called upon when needed, to justify slavery, occupation and discrimination.
The lecture will be not necessarily in defense of the stereotypical image of the Arab man. Rather, it is about the Arab men out there who are resisting layers of oppression, but are far from being victims.

Dina Wahba is an Egyptian academic and a women’s rights activist currently based in Germany, where she is pursuing her PhD in the Free University in Berlin.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des AStA der Uni Hannover.

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